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The Adirondack Chair is synonymous with outdoor leisure and enjoyment ...

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Mitered Corners LLC
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You can telephone and give your order to us over the phone at (404) 254-3986. The Order Desk is open from 9am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.
Price List
Prices subject to change without notice
Adirondack Style Fully Assembled
Standard Adirondack Chair 230.00
Standard Footrest 70.00
Standard Glider 295.00
Standard Rocker 260.00
Folding Chair 335.00
Love Seat 360.00
Love Seat Footrest 100.00
Love Seat Rocker 405.00
Love Seat Glider 430.00
Side Table 140.00
Fancy Table 155.00
Round Table 36” 240.00
Big Boy Chair 245.00
Big Boy Footrest 80.00
Big Boy Rocker 275.00
Big Boy Glider 305.00
Santa Fe Chair 330.00
Garden Style Fully Assembled
Garden Chair 220.00
Garden Table 46" 315.00
Director’s Chair 255.00
Director’s Side Table 160.00
Potters Bench 325.00
Utility Bench 36” 110.00
Utility Bench 48” 135.00
Junior Style Fully Assembled
Chair 95.00
Buddy Bench 170.00
Play Table 75.00
See Saw 275.00
Picnic Table 185.00
Custom Logo Furniture Fully Assembled
Adirondack Chair (23") 335.00
Adirondack Rocker (23") 365.00
Adirondack Glider 400.00
Folding Directors Chair 395.00


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